This is blog #1 of my ideas of how to be use by god and here we go! All right let’s start!  You have the power to allow things to happen in life whether you know or not. You have the power for either the kingdom of darkness or kingdom of light to be able to use you. God can be able to use you more and to a deeper level by your power of allowing things to happen in your life. Not, only can you be used by god, but you can also get self-improvement/protection from my allowing ideas and more I think. Here are my ideas:

1. Allow only God to be able to use you in all ways/every way possible. (So the kingdom of darkness won’t be able to use you at all to do there work.)

2. Allow God to use you permanently in all ways known and not known.(If you want to be by god permanently allow him to permanently use you instead of once in a while time thing.)

3. Allow God to use you to the deepest level there is that God can be able to use you.(If you want to be use by god to the deepest part there is than allow god.)

4. Allow only the Holy Spirit to speak to your heart. (Those who have the Holy Spirit and have made mistakes in hearing god’s voice as his READ THIS! Sometimes people mistaken a demonic voice as god’s voice speaking to them. I have heard stories so if you want to make sure you hear only hear the holy spirit voice allow yourself to only hear the holy spirit voice.)

5. Allow only God to give you ideas whether they are pop ups in your mind or flowing thoughts that comes to your mind. (I have experiences before where I get pop ups that were not from god pop ups that keep reminding you of your sins well that was when I didn’t learn this idea.)

6. Allow only the God to influence your mind, heart, and soul.

7. Allow only the Holy Spirit to give you feelings through your heart. (If you have ever minister before you will get a feeling for a person when you are ministering to them. Like whether they have a migraine headache or have a car broken down. This is something to use if you want to be accurate.)

8. Allow God to destroy the demons that are attacking you and bothering you.

9. Allow the Holy Spirit to convict you of your sins beyond measures unlimited of every sins that you do. (This is how you can become a better person and Holier.)

10. Allow  only the God to control your heart and mind.

11. Allow the God to only give you dreams. (Sometimes I would have dreams about escaping a certain situation and getting free from the danger I was in. But, once in a while I would have nightmares which are dreams from the devil.)

12. Allow only God to give you visions. (I have learned that not all visions are from god. Some of them can be from demons/satan so be careful.)

13. Allow Jesus to be with you wherever you go. (If you ever get afraid and don’t want to be alone this is one solution.)

14. Allow Jesus to do things for you that Jesus wants to do for you permanently.

15. Allow god to permanently protect you/your family from demons, satan, dark angels, kingdom of darkness people permanently in the spiritual realm and physical realm.

16. Allow gods mercy into your life beyond measures unlimited to both your soul and flesh permanently.

17. Allow gods grace unto your life beyond measure unlimited in all areas of your life permanently and to your soul too not just your flesh.

18. Allow god goodness into your life beyond measures unlimited for you in all areas of life in both flesh and soul permanently.

19. Allow Jesus to bless and release things good things to your life-like all areas of life and to your soul/flesh of everything that Jesus wants to release to you in your life/Soul/Flesh.

20. Allow god to be able to use you to the almost unlimited volume there is out there.

21. Allow the Holy Spirit to give you feelings like inspirations, impressions, and confirmations instantly about anything that you need.

22. Allow only God to give me revelations.

23. Allow only God to give me his desires in my heart and in my soul.

(Hey guys I have more, but you guys will have to wait because I still have to fix my screen on my laptop before I can give you guys a part 2.)