These things I will say on here will be from my opinion and how it got me closer with god. All of these are just my plans I hope you guys like.

  1. Read the Bible 30 minutes minimum (Read the bible for the rest of your life as long as you live and Read it everyday for the whole day)
  2. Listen only to christian music.
  3. Pray to God when you have time from 30 minutes minimum to as long as you can do.
  4. Only watch Media stuff such as TV Shows about Christianity only.
  5. Worship God the minimum is 30 minutes to as long as you can do.
  6. Examples: Read Books about Christianity such as testimonies of people getting healed to help with your faith, Watch videos about leg being grown out, and listen to Meredith Andrews song like Draw Me Nearer.

Books I Recommend Because I Read Them:

The Imitation Of Christ – Thomas A Kempis(I feel like Jesus is speaking to me through this book it always touch my heart and it is Jesus speaking 1st person.)

My Daily Bread –  Fr. Anthony J. Paone, S.J. (This book always touches my heart too it makes me cry in a good way. This is similar to the book above.)

Side Story:

There was this book that I read it tells about this man when he first learned english the first words out of his mouth were cuss words. He kept saying them and couldn’t stop it was a bad habit. Until he got closer to god through prayer that he actually realize later on that he stopped cussing.