These are writings of what I got from God of what he wanted to say to me or what he wanted me to know. So I have decided to share this in order to help people. I hope that these will be a blessing to you and it will make you feel better. Give me feedback if it has touched your heart.

“My Child, have faith in me and trust in me. Do not be afraid of the future for I am already there. I am the one that is in control don’t allow the present joy of the world to steal your eternal joy with me.”

“My Child, let go do not hold on anymore to the things that does not benefit you. Let them all go and do not allow them to harm you anymore. Trust in me and have faith in me. The only option is to let go there is no other way but this. I know my child it is hard for you but you must. It is better to let go than be bound with sins, bondage, oppression, and deceit. My Child, it may seem hard when you let go because of your future sufferings but letting go will give you happiness in the future. It will save you from misery and future ones. I want you to let go my child you must and I know you can do it. I will not tell you to do something unless I know that you can do it.”

“My Child, do not be afraid I am with you. Why do you worry about things that will soon past?”

“Those who do not let go and forgive are like the wave that is unstable.”

“Those who do not forgive will lead themselves in hell. Fear hell and let go to lead yourself to everlasting life my child.”

“My Child, why fear? Trust in me than you will no longer be afraid. Do not allow the passing things of the world to bother you nor dwell in those things. When you call out to me I will answer you when you call.”

“My Child, I have heard your cry.”

“My Child, do not allow the earthly things of the world and the presence things to stop you from being good. Do not allow it to stop you from doing the right things and things you must do. I have called you out from the world so you can be free from being pulled down to hell from others. Do not allow yourself to give in to your feelings anymore. But ask me for help.”

Part 2 coming soon!