First off nightmares and bad dreams can happen to anyone even dogs, babies, and grown up adults. Sometimes god gives us dreams in order to help that person and to prevent something from happening to that certain person or maybe even yourself/family. Dreams does not always mean it’s a pizza dream. God still speak in dreams even today. Some dreams are from god while some aren’t. So here are the steps I am going to teach you of what to do after just waking up after having a bad dream about someone or something and how to prevent it from happening. If it is a demonic vision you have to not believe in it that it will happen than it won’t happen.

P.S the reason why I have decided to post on about this is because I notice that no one have not post anything about this on google.

  1. After waking up just from a bad dream first you must pray about it. Pray until you have peace. If you believe like me that after you prayed a couple of times after waking up that the bad dream won’t happen than it won’t. Most of the time I just pray after waking up and the bad dream does not occur. (JUST DO IT BELIEVE AND YOU SHALL HAVE IT)
  2. Say this after waking up just from your dream “This dream I just had is your dream satan and it is not mine.” When I say this it works too because, bad dreams are not ours it’s satan. My grandpa was the one who taught me this and it has always worked out for me too.