Okay guys here’s part 2! Hope that you will enjoy this! God Bless!

“My Child, believe that I have a better future for you when you let go. Do not fear of the future of what is to come. Focus on the eternal things yet to come when you let go. I truly desire for you to let go it hurts me that you are not willing to let go.”

“My Child, how long will you not let go? How long will you love sin? Will sin benefit you if it were to harm you? Will demons be able to deliver you from the clutches of the devil? Do not relay time for time is running out.”

“My Child, let them all go do not withheld any back. Demons have harmed you more than done you good. My Child, how long how long are you going to be disobedient? My Child, how long are you going to love vanity? Will vanity last forever?  No, they are the things that will pass by.”

“My Child, do not be worry about the future and the present things, but trust in me.”

“My Child, learn to  place your hope in me whoever trusts me are deliver.”

“My Child, how long will you believe in lies? How long will you choose evil over good?”

“My Child, let go have faith in me, trust in me and my mercies.”