Here are some ideas of what to pray for:

  1. Pray for all people who are in hell to be given chances until they get to be with Jesus forever in heaven no matter what Jesus has to do anything that he wants unlimited, unending, and permanently anything that he wants to do.(God does not want anyone to be in hell pray for the people in hell which some of those people could be your families, friends, or ancestors pray for them. Do not give up on your friends or families that are in hell think about this if god reveals to you that your families or friends are in hell doesn’t god want you to change something for them? Their destiny their endings to be a perfect ending? )

2. Pray for your families, friends, or the world to be given unlimited chances they are able to be with Jesus Forever for all eternity.


If you don’t have faith that god is not going to answer your prayers because you think that those that you love are in hell can’t be given another chance, can’t come back because their flesh is dead/rotten… here is the thing god is a righteous, good, and non-discriminating god! Think it like this if god only answers all other prayers like example for financial, provisions, and Jobs, but he don’t answer prayers about saving those whom you love that is in hell wouldn’t god be in the wrong spot? Wouldn’t he? Remember this god answers all prayers god does not want anybody to be in hell forever can’t god do everything? God is saying HAVE FAITH! Even if the body is rotten god can be able to make the flesh again can he not? PRAYER is one of the key to miracles, solutions, and things to be able to tap to the power of god! Remember it is god’s will for people to given more chances, to be with him for all eternity! What if you and I were born now to do new things? To pray for the people in hell to come back to life? To be given another chance to be with Jesus? Why don’t you want to be a type of hope for those who are in hell? What if you were in hell? Wouldn’t you want some type of hope out there when you are in hell? Like those you love praying for you while they are alive and while you are dead? Treat others how you wanted to be treated have hope in god not in men. God is HOPE!