I decided to make this a mix of two things allowing ideas and prayer ideas hope that you like it! P.S I have a comment box on the quote life is like riding a bicycle next to it on the right if you want to comment and give me feedback it would be great thanks!

Allowing Ideas;

  1. Allow only god to speak through you permanently and disallow demons/satan/dark angels to speak through you permanently.

2. Allow for the angels, Saints, Jehovah, Jesus, and Holy Spirit to protect you flesh and soul 7 trillion time percent permanently.

3. Allow god to remove the darts in your heart of every word spoken towards you that have hurt you. (I got this idea from going to a charismatic prayer group they spoke words over me saying that god wanted to remove darts which the lady say which looks like darts from my heart which were words that have hurt me so she said allow Jesus to remove the darts in your heart than after that I feel itchy inside my heart which is the feeling you get when getting the darts out and after that she saw mother mary putting ointment on my heart ever since that night I feel different in a good way and I felted better. The reason why she said allow Jesus to remove your darts was because I didn’t him do it than I did when she told me to and this lady she got the gift of wisdom or knowledge forgot so she helped me out.)

4. After allowing for Jesus to take the darts out of your heart like all of them allow mother mary to put ointment on your heart.

Prayer Ideas;

  1. Pray that you, your families, and friends will choose the path to heaven permanently.

2. Pray for you or anyone that you know that have turned their back from god to turn back to god permanently and to not turn away from god again permanently.(you may pray for someone to turn back to god but it is not permanent why? because you didn’t say for it to happen permanently so this is just an idea)

3. Pray for you/families/friends/world to fulfill permanently god’s plan for your life/ for everyone to fulfill god’s plan for all peoples/animals life.

4. Pray for you/families/friends/world to fulfill permanently the will of the father.

5. Pray for the holy spirit to always give you reminders of things that you would in circumstances.

6. Pray for god to give you ideas of unique uncommon knowledge that is from god only.

7. Pray for god to give you endless faith.

8. Pray for you, families, and or friends to fall in love with Jesus.

9. Pray for you, families, or friends to pray to god to pray all prayers that god wants you to pray to him permanently.