Hello guys! Today I have testimonies that I want to share with you guys that have happened to me last week a bunch of good things had happened and I hope that it will give you guys faith more. P.S I am not catholic, but I like catholic, but my older brother and sister-in-law are. So, they have just been trying to help with things and it has helped a bunch more than I could ever thought or imagine!

  1. This year is my first year that I was introduced to praying to saints and scapulars it has helped me a bunch. It has given  me more faith in god and makes me want to become a catholic, but there are some reasons why I can’t become one yet. Anyways, let’s go on! One day my little brother got into some trouble so I went to research emergency prayers and I found Mother Therese Novena. A Novena means it’s a 9 day prayer which you pray the same prayer once everyday or more if you like. If you want to do it fasting and prayers always work best together and things works out very well. So, I prayed the Novena for Mother Therese, but I don’t really remember or know whether it had worked or not, but my prayers to St. Jude the Apostle, St. Therese(a different saint not Mother Therese), and Mother Mary Jesus Mother has helped me a bunch. First off let’s start off with St. Jude The Apostle at the beginning I tried a Novena it started to help out a little, and then it helped me more as I got to pray more to him for my prayer requests. I am in now in a hopeless situation so I prayed to him about it and I got more hope everything that I need I got it just when I need it and unexpectedly well. Such as have more hope and everything I need like gaining more faith. Than as for St. Therese a young saint I thought that she was Mother Therese at first, but she wasn’t I prayed to her from my sister-in-law Novena card that she got somewhere so unknown to me last week I have a dream about white roses with some red colors inside the flowers it was more than one white flower that I got in my dream. Plus the background on the back of my dream was blue which just to let you guys know blue means revelation. So, just last week I did research about the little flower St. Therese and found out that he signature is roses because, it’s her favorite flower. Overall, it means god is responding to my prayer to her and god has heard it.
  2. Secondly, 1-2 months ago I have decided to fast and pray about my problems with a Daniel Fast with using Ashes so at first nothing happens until I open the bible that god was speaking good words to heal me and something else that I have forgotten. After I have finished my Daniel Fast I still prayed to god the same prayers while using Ashes and I know that god is answering my prayers many good things are started to happen in my life.
  3. About scapulars I have used the brown scapular, green scapular, and the red scapular just recently. As I wore the red scapular all day on friday nothing was happening and I thought nothing is going to happen until at night-time it was when I decided to research about Little Flower St. Therese where it tells about her that gave me more Faith/Love/Hope, by reading testimonies about her intercession, My sister-in-law telling me about faith stories that happened to her including her mom, and by wearing the scapular I have gained faith, hope, and love in a simple way.
  4. I got a pop-up in my mind about medication and during that time I was looking at prayers to saints and during that moment it was St. Anthony so as I was scrolling I found prayer for medications so I knew that god is telling me to pray to him in order to stop my sleeping medications. Hallelujah
  5. Guys perseverance in the key to having your prayers happen in the beginning it seems that nothing is working out and it seems like god is not hearing you or answering your prayers that is not true. God has heard your prayers and is answering them behind the scenes where you can;t see. After my 21 days of fasting I stilled pray and god has given me everything I need like gaining more faith in god, gaining hope, gaining love, gaining knowledge about who I am call to be, knowing a little bit more about my destiny, knowing that it was not a mistake that the person I have become is not a mistake or a bad thing, but the person I was call to be according to my destiny to be Child-like. Just have Faith and Believe like a child! God Bless

I hope that you guys like this testimony sorry it wasn’t all that big as you guys expect, but anways I hope that it has given you more faith. Love