Hey guys this is a random blog post sorry about that I just wanted to post something random on here because I want to see what you guys think about this! As long as I can remember as a teenager/kid other people would tell you shouldn’t say never because, it might just happen. Like saying never it means absolute no way can it happen. So the other day I talked to my brother about it and my sister-in law they say that it does not happen to all people maybe it’s just me. I thought about it, but honestly for me it did happen. Not only did it happen to me it happened to my dad too. First, my dad said that he would never drink again and he did 3 days later. Then 3 years ago I say that I will never get addicted to novels and now since last year I got addicted to online novels that has to do with xianxia. So what do you guys think? Tell me what you think and comment below!

Reasons why saying never happens from what I have researched:

  1. It is because our subconscious mind can not process the word never.
  2. Your subconscious mind will only believe in whatever you believe is the truth even if it’s a lie.
  3. In my opinion it is like an affirmation, but it is negative.

The only way never word sentences can happen is because you have to say it with feelings of what you believe is true and believe in it. Like, you might say “Well, I will never be permanently holy.” I am not be superstitious I do believe words have powers. I have said this in my blessing blog post that if curses can happen when you curse someone, but why can’t blessings happen right?