1.Pray to god to persuade you convince you with words and touch you with words so greatly that is not just normal words that will change you but words that will change your life and you for the good the better. Also for his words to cause you to always repent always immediately, and obey god immediately because of his words.

2. Pray for god’s will to be done in anyway that will please him and will glorify him.


During, this year I got an idea to ask god to have mercy on me on a certain thing that is for me to not get oppress my demons. When I asked god to have mercy on me and to not allow demon to oppress me than it stopped. Not, only have I asked God for mercy I have also asked mercy for my family as well. Every time I ask for mercy the bad things won’t happen to my family and I. I can say that God want to have mercy on all people and wants to help them. This has always helped me so it can help you too. All you have to do is have faith because, it is god’s will to have mercy on you since he is a good god. P.S Don’t forget to read the image quote I put at the top of the blog John 16:23-24