First off I want to start off that I have been making decrees and declares for a couple years now. Some of them have come true. Such, as me having a dream visitation from god it was dream where I healed my mentally retarded cousin and the background was amber. I healed him and he started speaking normally. I made a decree to have a dream that is from god and I did. The last one that I want to tell you guys is that I made a decree for my dad to have dreams of lottery numbers and it didn’t happen until either 1-3 years? My dad has been having dreams of lottery and they came true, but he didn’t buy them. So I am saying decreeing and declaring is a type of prayer and it works as long as you have faith. Just Believe and Just Have Faith!

Alright before we start I want to tell you guys another story that I have read it was about affirmations. This guy wanted $100,000 so bad that he made affirminations everyday so he can have that money until he got what he wanted. But, what he didn’t expect was that he got that money through the means of losing his family such as his wife and kids through a car crash. After their death he received $100,000. So what I am trying to say here is that you should be careful of what to decree and declare. You shouldn’t just say something off your head of a decree just because you want to without thinking it through first.

Let’s say you want to win $1,000,000 so you said “I Decree and Declare that I will 1,000,000.” If you did that you will regret it why you ask? Because you didn’t make it in details. The more detail the decree the better. I will state another story let’s say a person name Tom learned about decrees and declare so he made a decree to win $1,000,000, but he didn’t do it in details. So, one day he feel something bad was going to happen to him so he went on with his life as unusual until he started walking through a construction company site where they were constructing until a metal pole fell on him and pierced his head. The good thing is that he didn’t die and survive, but will have health problems in the future. Therefore while he was still recovering his family decided to sue the company their fore he got 1 million dollars. See?

Making a decree and declare without enough details can lead to a bad path such as death of yourself, families, friends, strangers, or even bad events happening to you/others. That is why I am going to give you tips on what I have learned.

Sorry for the long explanation so Here we go!

  1. Let’s say you want to decree and declare to meet the man of your dreams or the women of your dreams. What is your ideal type of guy/girl? (Name the celebrity or person that you like through a drama or character would be good too) What are the bad traits of your ideal guy/girl that you would like them to have? What is their hair color? What is the length of their hair? What is their height that you desire them to be? What is their eye color? What is their personality like? What is their looks like? What is their weaknesses? What is their strength? What is their body build like? What is their nose, lips, and clothes suits them be like? These are questions that you will have to question yourself and be as detail as you can. I will expand it even further.

Hmm… let’s say you want a guy/girl that you want them to love you and accept you as you are. How do you want them to love you and accept you as you are? What areas of life do you want them to love you and accept you? What personalities do you want them to accept and love you? Everything?

Everything is a question mark it can save your life at some point. Now let’s get to the last part on how to prevent the bad things from happening through a decree and declare if you have already thought through what you want to decree.

You start off saying “I Decree and Declare that I will met the man of my dreams that will Blank Blank…… etc than at the end add “For no one to gain any sicknesses, illnesses, diseases, whether I know them or not through this decree and declare including for no one to die those that I know or do not know. Also for no bad thing to happen at all when this decree happens.” You should add this so that no bad thing will happen to you or others. Sometimes decrees happen through bad things so this is just my tip so sorry for my long writing hope that you guys like it enjoy!