1. Pray for god to permanently have mercy/grace/love/goodness on you/families/friends/the world.

2. For you, families, friends, and the world to be permanently faithful to Jesus no matter what Jesus have to do in anyway that he wants.

3. For Jesus to not ever allow satan to snatch you, your families, friends, and people/animals/pets from him no matter what he has to do anything he has to do.

4.  For Jesus and Mother Mary to put their mantle on you to protect you from the evil one.

5. Pray for either you, your families, friend, or the world to not ever permanently let go of god. (God will not let us go unless we let him go makes sense?)

The sites that I have below are good sites that can help you with your faith. I was searching and found them they were very good stories and where I feel like god is speaking to me very much. Don’t judge it by it’s cover take a shot before you judge or you might just regret it.