I have thought this through and is just my opinion plus these are my reasons why I don’t want to go to another world at all unless it is quite similar to our world in some ways. Thank you I hope that you will enjoy this!

The Good Things About Going To Another World:

  1. You could become a celebrity in the other world since you could be like a summon Hero.

2. You could try new foods.

3. You could probably have a romance life-like in the novels, but more realistic.

4. You could become rich by knowing modern knowledge information/inventions and spreading it to the world you were transported to be in.

5. You could get to meet Demi-Human.

The Bad Things About Going To Another World:

  1. You could die easily because you have no powers/cheats.

2. You could die easily by not knowing what is prey and predator in their world.

3. You may never see your families and friends again.

4. You may never be able to return home.

5. You may never get to eat your own favorite foods again.

6. When you go to another world you may never be able to find someone who actually have common beliefs and values like you. Meaning let’s say you were the only one that was summon to another world and you are alone. It would be lonely and you would for sure break down because you know no one to talk with someone who is the same world as you. Since the people from the world you were transported to are more different from you in everything.

7. You may be a curse than a blessing if you were transported to another world because, I read the summary of a story about a girl she was transported to another world, but they view her as an evil person god that came to their world to destroy it since she has power to sing to do mostly anything she wants If I remember right.

8. You do not have any cheats to understand their language and eventually you will have to learn their language.

9. You could become homeless the moment you are transported to another world because, it may be somewhere random in the their world.

10. You could become a thief or thug and is not actually a hero since you have to survive in another world without cheats at all, without shelter at all, and most likely without knowing anything about their world which is to your disadvantage.

 My Opinions:

  1. In anime and drama when you get transported to another world or time travel you expect that someone would save you if you were in a critical condition/dying in real life right? It is likely to happen in our world because since we  have technology and hospitals/vehicles, but what about another world? Let’s say you went to another world and it is like a dessert/Ancient China would anyone who do not know you randomly saves you? Think about it no one would save you it is a supper small chance why would I say that? One you are a person of unknown origin, two they do not know you, three their world is different from ours like with values and beliefs they won’t save just save anyone unless it benefits them., three what if you were in a world that views humans life way lower as mere ants and kills them as they please? Guys that is how ancient times were like!.

2. In anime and drama you expect that when you go there with modern clothes on you will be like in those dramas/anime will be spare from getting kill etc with the help of a person. False think about if someone with strange clothes came to your country and speak an unknown language wouldn’t you be suspicious and like want to report to the authorities? What if that person was a spy or someone who came to harm my country? Well these are some thoughts. Eventually you will get kill by people thinking that you are a spy or someone who came to harm their country. At least the least worse thing that could happen to you is you get prison for life. Plus why would someone just helps you when they do not know you? It is possible someone would try to help you, but if they did they would get in trouble too.

3. In anime/drama you expect that you will always have someone to come save you when you needed it the most.. false it does not happen in real life that much just in my opinion. Why? Because think about it does it happen every time in real life? No it does not there are people out there who died when they needed someone to rescue them the most and they died with regrets, hatred, pain, and sorrow. Do not expect that when you go to another world to be as good and nice as our world compare to other worlds out there. No world is the same unless you time travel. (Your only hope is God why cling onto people when people cannot do anything without God? God can do anything he could even use people to help you when you most needed it. Cry Out To Him if you ever get stuck somewhere.)

4. In the anime/drama the hero/heroine will get a place to stay after being summoned there by the people and the place they will stay will be in the castle. But, what if you were summon in the middle of no where and you became homeless instantly? What if the royalties assume that you are not the hero/heroine, but a mistake? So that means you will become homeless probably and die somewhere bad where they will send you to die without you knowing it.