This is just going to be a little bit of my story why somethings happens to you or others in life. I hope that it can help you and strengthen you when you are having a hard time. Sometimes the answer we seek are not always the one we want or expect but remember this pain is a type of protection from God. Why would I say pain is a type of protection from God? Well, because somethings that are happening in your life that is causing you pain is God’s plan to happen so you can endure more sufferings in the future. It can be a type of purification, Pain to make you stronger, to make you more wiser, and it has to do with your prayers.

First, off before we go to prayers let me tell you an example in dramas that you always see like the main character guy let’s just call him Shin he was in love with the main heroine Era but he was always in danger and didn’t want to hurt the person he loves by letting her be endangered so he uses every word and mean action way so he could stop her from being with him. So he brought pain upon her abundantly but she didn’t understand why would he change all of a sudden meaning you could say he was trying to prevent her from suffering even more because of him. Though in the end she found out and loved him even more and their love bloomed even greater than before. Get it? This is God saying to you which is that “I am allowing these pains to come into your life to save you from greater sufferings.” “I am allowing these pains to come into your life to save you.” “I am allowing these pains to come into your life in order to change your heart.” These may be some messages you may feel like God is speaking to you and he still is.

Second, let’s go to prayers sometimes bad things happen in our life because, of our prayers and other people prayers. Why would I say that? Well, I went through it and understood why all of these things happen in my life after looking back on it. I am one of the example… so let’s start the story at a young teenage age I prayed randomly for my family and I to be with God forever and guess what happened 1 year later? I got ill in almost all areas of my life and I have a hard time attending school because, it was that hard. I still went to school mostly, but at one point I skipped school for a month. Still, it didn’t help me and we went to some different religions and they helped a little bit and then the same thing repeated over and over again until one day my father said let’s go to church so we did. Then one day I was asking God why did you allow this to happen so as I was scrolling down I saw a green image icon and it saying something like “I am answering your prayers so this why all these things are happening to you.” After I read that and blinked my eyes the words disappeared and it was a different quote than the one that I have read. But I feel that it was God I feel that he was speaking to me that is why all of these things are happening in my life. Meaning God was answering my prayer for my family and I to be with God in heaven so after my parents and I converted my older brother converted than lastly my younger brother. God did answer my prayer after all and is still is. God used me to convert my family and I into christians he allowed all of these things to happen to my family and I in order to bring us to him so we won’t have to go to hell. Overall,  after seeing the quote a couple of years past by and I looked back at my life than I understood it was my first prayer that God was answering.

John 13:7 Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSVCE)

Jesus answered him, “What I am doing you do not know now, but afterward you will understand.”

This word of God was true and I understood everything later on I only found out about this verse this year and thank God Hallelujah!