If you have read my posts on Ideas on what to use for your dominion and the things that you have tried didn’t work is because one you may actually do not know how to use your dominion the right way. I have posted this in one of my other blog as well, but I just wanted to repeat it in this blog in case none of you guys have been wondering why it is not happening. When you use In Jesus Name you must mean it in like your angry that is just the best word expression I can use so you guys could get the hint of it. You don’t have to express it all of the time like your mad since some people just mean it without hinting any feelings like in the leg grow miracles.


I know that I have never mention on here, but when I make wishes they come true. It has been a while since I have made wishes, but for some reason they came true. I am thinking that it might have something to do with the four-leaf clover when I was kid that I made a wish on. So, the wish that I made when I was kid was this “I Wish for all of my wishes I am going to make to always come true.” I know what you guys are thinking it is crazy how can your wishes always come true base on just that? Well, I am being honest right now with you guys before I made wishes I actually don’t think they came true.  Every wish that I made came true such as asking for power, making my little cousin date popular guys, and much more. It is just my own opinion because, I think that is the only reason why my wishes always come true. Though most of the time my wishes happen through me.


Sometimes if I am  like going to tell my little cousins things about stuff that has to do with demons and stuff related to Jesus I will feel like I am already getting attacked by demons. You could just feel like something is going against you. Just last night my little cousin I wanted to get her help in something by using her dominion and just after that she heard a voice saying in her ear get marry so I knew that demons were bothering her already so since last night I have decided to give up asking her to be my helper. The demons none of them are good all of them are bad. They work as a team against one person to make their plan succeed no matter what it is. Their 3  goal is to kill, destroy, and steal. I just wanted to give you guys a brief summary here. I may post more on it in the future so sorry since I don’t really know what to say on here now.


Last month I went to a healing mass with my sister-in-law and the main priest that is the one doing the healing said everything happens in the soul first than to the flesh. God is spirit so everything was spirit first than flesh. So that is why every sickness in the flesh is due to happening in the spirit and sin can lead to sicknesses due to your heart problems meaning it has to do with your toxic emotions such as unforgiveness, hatred, bitterness, fear, anxiety, and more. All of those negative emotions are what causes you to be sick. If you have unforgiveness and choose to forgive than you will be release of your own sufferings on your flesh. One thing that I always have a hard time forgiving  people and one of them would be people who would make fun of me and laugh at me because, I was different. I don’t forgive easily and I can say this to you if you want to forgive them the short cut is to use your dominion.  Like this” In Jesus Name I command myself to forgive instantly permanently every person that I cannot forgive.” You could do this to your own self or others can do it for you. I got this idea by going to a charismatic prayer group where a priest used on me since I couldn’t forgive those people and the consequences was I had an unstable spiritual life because of it. Well, this is all for now hope that you like it and enjoy.
In order to forgive it is base on your thinking rather than your feelings. After you forgive your feelings will follow.