This is mostly a reminder to myself since I would forget and I hope that this will help you too.

If I sin and if I do not choose to stop doing certain sins than I am hurting God who is hurting more than I can ever imagine. The God who loves me infinitely and the most kind person in this universe He will be crying every time I sin and would speak to you and me in a gentle voice saying “My Child Sin no more.” Not only am I hurting God I am actually breaking his heart every time I sin no matter how small or big my sin is. His sadness will be more greater than I can ever know and imagine. There will be no one to comfort his heart entirely since he knows all things. Even if they were someone to cheer him up his heart will be hurt every second regardless because, of the world’s sins that they commit every day within every second, every minute, and every hour. Do you know how much our sins hurt God? Do you know that every time we choose to sin purposely we are stepping on the cross that Jesus died for us to be save? Remember to try your best to sin no more if you can’t do it for yourself or others do it for God since he is always hurting. He is still waiting for me and you to choose to become holy people and to be with him. All of you and me are called to be saints though very few people can become saints it just means it’s that hard. If you choose not to become one it just means being separated from God forever. Have faith in yourself since God has already given you the grace to be able to become saints. Believe in yourself as God believes in you. When you fail get back up again confess your sins to God, repent every time you  are reminded that your sins have hurt God, and Do your best every time for the sake of God’s precious heart.