Before you start I want to mention that I will be posting some links for you guys to read. But, do not be discouraged in one thing that you are going to read in the article which is that he or she said you have to be a believer to plead the blood of Jesus for it to work. Honestly It’s false. Why would I say that? Because, Jesus died for everybody that are born and are going to be born in the future. Since Jesus died for all of us we can use it. Is God a discriminating God that will only allow believer’s to be able to use it? God is a good God he is not a discriminating God that will only allow believers to use the blood of Jesus. If he did wouldn’t that mean he is being in the wrong. God is holy and fair since he died for everyone it is meant for everyone.


I have a cousin she started to act like a bisexual person but more on the lesbian side. It started since last year that he started to show that she was Bi and just this year it became more worse. So, just this summer I asked her older sister to turn her younger sister straight by using Jesus Name and so she did. As months goes by let’s say more than 3 months just 2 days ago I asked her if her sister is she still acting bi and if she is how percentage is she now? So she told me she has become more straight by 59%. But, do you know what the thing that was the most important in this story was? My cousin and her family are actually non-christians. Yup I told my cousin how to use it to make her sister straight because, I wanted to teach her how to use it to help her sister and to herself as well. Ever since that she seems to have faith I think. So yeah there you have it!


The book of Exodus about Moses and his people pleaded the blood of lambs on their houses. Go Read  Exodus 12


What Can The Blood Of Jesus Do?

Gives Protection, Gives Healing, and Gives Deliverance

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