Let’s say as an example you are actually a very stingy and greedy person that have high blood pressure and you actually found a cure on how to cure high blood pressure.

Than somehow you found a cure for high blood pressure but you didn’t tell anyone and cured yourself only. One day one of your relatives that is not a christian called you to ask for your help if you knew any medicine that can be able to help with his high blood pressure because, it was getting too high and getting worse. He also said that he got a feeling that he was going to die soon. So you said you don’t know any since you didn’t want to tell anyone anything that you have learned and only cared for yourself.

After you talked with your relative a couple of weeks passed by and your family members told you that your relative that called you actually gotten a stroke and died. You knew a secret on how to be able to save his life you could have saved his life. You could have saved his life but you were too selfish and greedy. Your relative is in hell because, you were being selfish. After your relative died the end of the world happened and you die God judged you. He said that you could have saved him but now since you didn’t save him he will be in hell forever. God brought him to you to help him God allow him to call you to save him, but you didn’t care.

Basically when you know something that can save a life or something that can be able to help someone and you choose not to help people because, of your selfishness than it means you are actually responsible for it. People are dying each day going to hell because of this. Read this verse it is important!

Matthew 10:8

“Cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those suffering from virulent skin-diseases, drive out devils. You received without charge, give without charge.” 

God is saying I give you my secrets without charge why do you charge others when I did not charge you?