This year I think during summer I talked with my sister-in-law about how she gained the gift of wisdom. She told me that my brother’s friend that is not a christian kept debating with my sister-in-law about Christianity. So she didn’t know what to do so she spoke to God and said “God how am I suppose to convert my husband’s friend and be able to prove that Christianity is not what he thinks when I don’t have wisdom.”

” Then one year later she got the gift of wisdom and it started to manifest just during this year where wisdom is given to her for situations.

Things that you may not know about the gift of wisdom is that the gift of wisdom can be able to interpret the meaning behind the images that people with the gift of knowledge can see. The gift can be also able to remind you of bible verses that you have read and to know what to do in certain situations. Lastly, I believe that the gift of wisdom can be able to interpret dreams. I asked my sister-in-law to interpret one of my dream and it was accurate. My dream was about my teeth and I was trying to brush but not hard enough and with little effort. The dream means that I am not trying hard enough on a certain situation or problem that I have that is why I had that dream. Honestly, in my waking life I was not trying hard enough in a certain situation that I am I didn’t want to, but I know that I had to do it.