Hello to everyone! I have somethings happening in my life now and I do not know how long things are going to take until everything get sorted out. It could be a while who knows but God knows how long it is going to take. Anyways thanks everyone for liking and following me on here. I appreciate it and with you guys here it just make my days better.

Before I go on Hiatus I want to give you guys another tip. Do you guys remember some of my Ideas on what to use In Jesus Name posts? I posted some and they were actually too long and at some point I think some of them might not make that much sense. So I will give you guys example at the bottom.

If you want some kind of power or gift ask for it to be a GODLY GIFT/POWER. I believe that this is the right word if you dictionary the word Godly it means coming from god; Divine.

I know that I repeat this many times, but make sure to use the right words so that anything that you ask for can be from God. If you ask for a power and you ask God give you a certain power, but you didn’t say to God for the power that you ask God to be from God than it will particularly not be from him. I hope that it makes sense.




In The Name Of Jesus for me to have Godly wisdom instantly now.

In The Name Of Jesus for me to have Godly love and not earthly love.

In The Name Of Jesus for me to have Godly thoughts only.

This Is All Guys Thanks